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Marital Counseling LPC, CEUs and training, Arise Counseling in Dallas, Texas

Professional Consultation

Creating community between professionals

At Arise, we believe in in creating community and support between professionals. Our lead therapist has consulted with several professionals, counseling practices, and clinics to help them increase efficacy of client care. 

CEUs + Training

We provide training for individuals and practices on various topics such as sex therapy, sex addiction, ethics, and client care.

Assessing for Sex Addiction & Infidelity

We've trained individuals and clinical teams to recognize the signs of sex addiction and infidelity within their clients.

Evaluating Clinical Effectiveness

We've consulted with clinical practices to evaluate the effectiveness of clinical care with assessment of client progress. 

Supporting Growing Therapists

We've trained, managed, and coached new therapists, and consulted with practices to help them support growing therapists.

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