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Couples Therapy

Relationships can be difficult, but they shouldn't always be difficult. Disconnection in a relationship, for any reason, is difficult to withstand. Often disconnection leaves us feeling alone, unworthy, and insecure. Many couples struggle to reconnect and find the relationship they once loved.

Do We Need Therapy?

When old, negative cycles exist, it can feel impossible to overcome

arguing, disconnection, and lack of physical intimacy.

Symptoms of a Negative Cycle:

  • Constant Arguing

  • Blame and Criticism

  • Resentment

  • Arguing over the same topics

  • No changes overtime

  • Partner feels like a roommate

How does Couples Counseling Work?

At Arise Counseling, we take a comprehensive and direct approach to couples counseling. By examining factors such as attachment style, childhood trauma and family issues, culture, spirituality, and relationship injuries (i.e. betrayal) a holistic understanding is created. After an assessment of your relationship is conducted, your therapist will help you and your partner identify cycles in the relationship and any attachment issues and relational trauma that might be related to your relationship concerns. Afterwards, with the help of your therapist, underlying emotions, narratives, and core beliefs will be assessed to help both you and your partner understand your reactions toward one another.

Once a full assessment is made and both you and your partner understand the cycle in the relationship that is present, your therapist will help you reconstruct your bond. This occurs through understanding needs, fears, and other aspects of yourself and how these factors are related to your interactions with one another. By understanding yourself and you partner on this deeper level, the experience between you is deepened and your bond is strengthened.

In this process, your therapist will help each of you accept one another’s experience and create new, healthy and positive responses to one another…even when conflict is present. Additionally, your therapist will help each of you communicate your needs, fears, and attachment emotions on a deeper level with one another creating a strong emotional connection and bond.

The next step in the couples counseling process is to integrate new solutions to the differences and conflicts that arise in the relationship and integrate these into a new cycle of interaction. The hope is that each of you are feeling acknowledged, understood, and accepted while facing difficulties together. You’ll learn to face differences and problems without questioning your partner or your relationship, leaving you feeling more secure and connected in your relationship.

Benefits of Couples Counseling

Increase Connection (Emotional and Physical)

Stop Negative Cycles

Overcome Barriers

Strengthen Relationship

Build Trust

Heal from Trauma

Find fulfillment

Infidelity Recovery

Our therapists are specially trained in working with individuals and couples who have experienced infidelity and cheating in their relationship. With couples hoping to overcome infidelity and heal their relationship, your therapist will integrate special, trauma informed approaches in addition to the couples counseling described above. Read more about our approach to infidelity counseling here.

Get Started with Couples Counseling at Arise Counseling

It's possible to reconnect again and have a fulfilling, loving  relationship. However, this can be difficult to achieve when a negative cycle is present. Our therapists can help you overcome the negative cycle in your relationship and create a new, positive cycle that leads to more connection and enjoyment in the relationships. 

We can help you transform your relationship to be rich, fulfilling, and meaningful through evidence based techniques. Our approach is comprehensive; we look at the whole picture, not just the presenting problem. Our goal is to help you step out of negative cycles and begin the dance of healthy intimacy and connection. With the right help and support, you feel love and connection in your relationship again.

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