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About Stevie

Sex Addiction Therapist and Sex Therapist 
Co-Author of Therapeutic Separation: A guide for couples facing addiction


Hi, I'm Stevie; I imagine you didn't expect to find yourself here, but I am glad you are here. In my experience, we often don't get to choose what happens to us, but we can choose how to respond. Much of my work is helping my clients overcome what feels impossible one day at a time. My approach tends to be direct, collaborative, and accepting. 

For information about session fees, insurance, and available times, please click here. For FAQs, please click here. 

I approach work with my clients quite collaboratively. I'll always ask for your feedback, how you are feeling about your progress, and if you think a suggested technique or skill may or may not work for you. Our work together is similar to doing a big puzzle that is 3D. We have many layers to sort through and put together; we can only do it one piece at a time, but each session the picture becomes clearer and clearer. 

Professional Information


Ph.D. - Cognitive Psychology + Instruction - Grand Canyon University

Master of Science - Counseling - University of North Texas

Bachelor of Science - Psychology - Sam Houston State University


Certified Sex Addiction Therapist - International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals

Sex Therapist - International Institute of Clinical Sexology

EMDR Trained

Emotion Focused Couples Therapy (Externship)

Attachment Injury Resolution Model (AIRM)

Certified Clinical Trauma Professional Training Level 1 (CCTP)

Trained Mediator - State of Texas

IITAP Certified Therapist, Stevie Hall
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ICEEFT Certified Stevie Hall Therapist, Arise Counseling

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer in person or video sessions?

I offer both in person and video sessions. In person sessions are available on select days.

What are your fees?

Individual sessions are $220

Couples sessions are $265

Do you accept insurance?

I am accepted as an out of network provider by all insurance carriers. I am not paneled with any insurance carrier and have chosen for various reasons to opt out of managed health care. However, you can inquire about out of network benefits with your insurance carrier and if you can receive reimbursement for sessions (many of my clients do receive reimbursement). Upon request, I will provide the billing documentation needed to submit for out of network benefits. 

What is your therapy style?

Being trained as both a psychologist and a counselor, I take an investigative approach while building a collaborative, trusting relationship with you. My work is grounded in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) though I also implement various theories related to trauma, intimacy, betrayal, and more  We will look at the factors attributing to today's problems and create a plan to help you overcome present barriers. At times, this includes addressing topics such as trauma, attachment, personality disorders, and emotional dysregulation difficulties. 

Do you see clients in different states or internationally?

Yes, I have clients all over the United States and internationally. 

For other relevant information, please visit the appointment information page.

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