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Resources for Partners of Sex Addicts

After discovery, the mind feels cluttered with emotions and questions. It's difficult to find solid ground and the whirlwind of post discovery chaos. One of the first tasks I cover with partners in session is providing resources for support in between session. Below is a short list of resources partners have shared over the last several years that have been helpful for them.


Your Sexually Addicted Spouse by Barbara Steffens

In this book, Barbara Steffens acknowledges the post traumatic stress that occurs when a partner discovers their spouse is a sex addict. The book addresses overcoming the stigma and shame of being a partner of a sex addict, the pain and isolation post discovery, and how to move forward.

Deceived by Claudia Black

Claudia Black’s book, Deceived, offers validation of the whirlwind of emotions that surface post discovery while offering guidance through the healing process. The book has a workbook that can be used with it called “Intimate Treason.”

In Tandem by Mark Bird

The book In Tandem addresses the “limbo” many partners experience post discovery as they navigate staying or leaving the relationship. Mark Bird addresses navigating connection with the sex addict, friends, and family. Additionally, coupleship recovery is addressed.

The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel van der Kolk

Bessel van der Kolk addresses the impact of stress on the brain, mind, and body. While this books is not focused on healing from the impact of sex addiction, it gives a candid description of trauma and how it can be treated.



Bloom for Women |

Bloom for Women offers a website with courses to guide you through understanding and overcoming betrayal trauma. It is a favorite of the partners I have worked with over the years. It provides an interactive way to engage in healing and is packed full of information from the newest research.

Partner Hope |

Partner Hope offers blogs focused on partner healing. Each of these blogs are intentionally written with a specific healing stage in mind.

The Association of Partners of Sex Addicts and Trauma Specialists have several blogs and resources on their website to provide informative information to help you through the betrayal trauma process.



The Betrayed, The Addicted, and The Expert |

The Be trayed, The Addicted, and The Expert offers information about betrayal, addiction, relationships, healing and recovery from three different perspectives: the betrayed partner, the addict, and the therapist. This podcast is a favorite of clients.

Helping Couples Heal podcast covers a variety of topics to support couples in understanding the impact of betrayal trauma and information to heal the damage of this trauma.

Thanks for Sharing |

This podcast covers a variety of topics regarding recovery, healing, and relationships. It features those in recovery as well as professionals.


While this list is not extensive in nature, it's a great start for having supportive resources between sessions. These resources aren't enough to guide one fully through the recovery process, but paired with trauma therapy, support, and connection, it can create a comprehensive approach to healing.

For more information about partner healing and trauma therapy, please send us an email or give us a call. | 469-505-3416

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